It was pure joy working with David . He understands „being“ always as a „begin“. This is a gift for any actor.\"
Sherry Hormann

David Wurawa ist mir während der Produktion von "Wenn Bäume Puppen tragen" vor allem durch sein Talent aufgefallen sich schnell in die unterschiedlichen Szenen und Stimmungen einzufühlen und die vom Regisseur gewünschten Nuancen perfekt umzusetzen. Gerade den Kampf, der in seiner Figur im Inneren tobt zeigte er vortrefflich und hat somit die Rolle des Vaters der kleinen Nabila nicht gespielt, sondern gelebt.

Ich bedanke mich ausdrücklich für die überaus produktive und konstruktive Zusammenarbeit und kann Herrn Wurawa als aufgeschlossenen und einfühlsamen Schauspieler weiterempfehlen. Er bereichert nicht nur das Team, sondern vor allem seine ihm anvertraute Rolle enorm.

Holger Sorg
Macchiato Pictures

Dear David,
Thank you so much for the tremendous work you did on The Most Unsatisfied Town yesterday. From my point-of-view it could not have been more successful: it allowed for a rich exploration of the piece-in-progress and opened up a wide range of possible directions for the play to take. Your generosity and spirit are what made this entire process come full circle. Thank you for embracing this play so wholeheartedly and, in doing so, taking it to a new level.

Warm wishes from the most satisfied writer,

Amy Evans

Working with David Wurawa

My name is L. Zünd and I’m the director and screenwriter of the short film „UNKISSED” — my graduation movie at the Directing Department of the National Polish Filmschool in Łódź. At the present moment (April 2009) the film is still in postproduction. „UNKISSED” is a psychological drama with complex characters. The film is shot on black and white 35mm and going to be sent to international film festivals. I casted David Wurawa for the role of an African student living in a Polish student dorm. He played the antagonist of the main character with great empathy. He grasped the emotional states of his character — male rivalry, fear of religious fanatism and at the end pain — very quickly. He perfectly understood my intention to render it in a rather reserved manner, his role being a person who puts on a facade of the cool guy in order to hide his real feelings. David plays emotional motivations very precisely and with a good deal of self-confidence. At the same time he thinks about his role holistically, like from the outside, and he seeks constructive criticism. As an example, David and me made up a completely new scene on the set because we were not satisfied with the ending of his charater as depicted in the script. The scene works well in the film. All in all, David gave a big effort despite some really tough conditions of our almost non-budget filmmaking. I see in him a serious artist who seeks roles which reflect, even being dark ones, his quest for human dignity.

Lukas Zünd
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I would like to sincerely thank you David for your outstanding performance in our production, Night Shift. It is a pleasure to know you, it has been a pleasure working with you and I would recommend you to any director, purely on your outstanding talents as an actor, and your professional demeanour both on and off set.I wish you every success in the future.

Mark Hawtin

Mark Hawtin
Filming Director and Editor
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David walked into the auditions for our short film 'How life happens', and stole the show, his performance was simply mesmerising, he had a sensitivity to the material, took direction and really captured the essence of what we were looking for. As a short film producer i couldn't have asked for more, our schedule was tight and David's ability to produce the goods first time, everytime made my life a lot easier.
Add to that a positive outlook that kept everyone's sprits high and you have an actor that is both a professional and a pleasure to work with.

Eddie Robson
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David Wurawa is a great actor and a gentleman. David had previously applied to another of our productions, but at the time we did not have a role available for him to fill. However, when production and casting started for our short film, The Bench, I remembered David and decided to email him on the off chance that he would be interested in the lead role. He agreed, and since then, we never looked back.

David's level of commitment was astounding - within days of giving him the script I recieved a phone call from him, telling me about different ideas he had for his character, the research he had done on his character's Job, his background, his life, the way he talked, the way he dressed - David knew his character, and the script. And his acting was spot on, too - making my job as director a breeze!

Working with David was an absolute pleasure, and I am glad to say that I can now call him a friend.


I had the pleasure of working with David for a short period on my last production. David is not only extremely professional, but falls into character easily and takes direction better than any other actor I've worked with. David takes the time to consider the character he's playing and is always curious as to what else he can add to the performance to make it that much better. He has an intense look about him on set that all directors can respect as they know he's ready to roll. David's intuition about the role he's playing as well as his drive to make the project a success, makes him an extremely valuable asset to any production both on and off set. I only hope I will have the pleasure of working with him in the near future.


Hi David,
just a note to say thank you so much for your massive conrtibution to the filming. It was a huge pleasure to meet you and a privilege to work with you. Your positive energy around the set was appreciated by one and all and your screen presence and acting were superb. You really made a difference. I very much hope we get the opportunity to work together again.

Thank you. Best wishes,

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Working with David has been a blessing.I feel that my prayers paid off in the casting process and that I found an actor who both understood the script, the character he was portraying and the spirit in which the film was being made. David's belief in the project made my life much easier than it could have been, I immeadiately felt assured after the first moments of his casting that we had found the right person for this fundamental role. His calm reassuring nature, and kind words helped me through a extremely taxing shoot, his willingness to help and to take part left me humbled, and his performance left me with high hopes for the film and a wish for us to collaberate again!

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David Wurawa is an actor who understands the reality of the moment, not just its story. He brought a very professional and comfortable energy on the set, despite the cold conditions we were working in, he exceeded my highest expectations. I was more than pleased with his work and I can imagine us working together in the future.

Andrea Alvarez

Black African Actors (or with African heritage) list of Black African Actors ( or with African Heritage) David Wurawa comes in at # 74 for now!!!!