Das Ende einer Maus ist der Anfang einer Katze

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Das Ende einer Maus ist der Anfang einer Katze / Scheduled for release 2011

Written and Directed by Stefan Kornatz.

Frankfurt Coincidences

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Frankfurt Coincidences / Scheduled for release 2011

The movie takes the viewer on a journey, whereby the question at the beginning is: How different cultures in Frankfurt am Main, one of the most multicultural cities in Germany, identify and live with each other.
The movie is about family, soul searching, love, escape, cultural, social problems and incidences in our society, like you would find in any big city.
Each character´s conflict melts into one flow in this episode movie. A mixture of tension, narration, identification with the characters, as well as diving into a world full of multicultural collusions, takes us into a new and still untransparent world.

Writer/Director: Enkelejd Lluca
Camera: Dennis Mill
Length: 80mins.

Der Film nimmt den Zuschauer mit auf eine Reise, deren Ausgangspunkt die Frage ist: Wie sich verschiedene kulturelle Charaktere in Frankfurt am Main, einer der multikulturellsten Städte Deutschlands, identifizieren und zusammenleben.
Es ist ein Film über Familie, Selbstfindung, Liebe, Flucht und stets aktuellen kulturellen, sowie sozialen Problemen und Ereignissen in unserer Gesellschaft, wie sie in den meisten Großstädten stattfinden. Die einzelnen Charaktere und deren Konflikte verschmelzen in diesem Episodenfilm in einem Fluss zusammen. Eine Mischung aus Spannung, Erzählung, Identifizierung mit den Charakteren, sowie das Eintauchen in eine Welt, voll von multikulturellem Zusammenprall, lässt uns in eine vielleicht neue kulturelle und immernoch wenig transparente Welt einzutauchen.

Buch und Regie: Enkelejd Lluca
Kamera: Dennis Mill
Produktion und Szenenbild: Anne Walde, Janina Schimmelbauer
Länge: 80 min.

Down in Egyptland

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Down in Egyptland 2010 / Scheduled for release 2011

Elam, a Nigerian student, arrives at a student dorm in Poland. The film tells the story of Elam's spiritual struggle when caught between his deeply religious background and his wish to be a part of his new environment.

Elam, ein Nigerianischer Student, ist in einem polnischen Studentenheim eingezogen. Der Film erzählt die Geschichte seines inneren Dilemmas zwischen seiner tiefreligiösen Herkunft und dem Wunsch, ein Teil seiner neuen Umgebung zu sein.

Risky Brothers

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Risky Brothers / Released 2010

Wenn Bäume Puppen Tragen

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Wenn Bäume Puppen Tragen / Released 2010

Seit ihrer Geburt lebt die siebenjährige Nabila in zwei verschiedenen Welten gleichzeitig. Einerseits ist sie die Tochter afrikanischer Einwanderer und damit in deren kulturellen Wertesystem beheimatet. Andererseits hat sie den afrikanischen Kontinent noch nie betreten. Sie spricht besser Deutsch als ihre Muttersprache und ihre beste Freundin ist eine deutsche Türkin. Trotz allem kann sich Nabila auf die erste Reise in das Heimatland ihrer Familie freuen, zumal man ihr ein großes Fest und viele Geschenke versprochen hat. Noch ahnt Nabila nicht, dass ihre Eltern die Reise geplant haben, um die vermeintliche kulturelle Identität des Mädchens mittels eines Jahrtausende alten, überaus grausamen Rituals unwiderruflich festzuschreiben.

Since her birth seven years ago Nabila has lived simultaneously in two different worlds. On the one hand, she is the daughter of African immigrants and therefore at home with their cultural values. On the other hand, she has never visited the African continent. She uses German as her preferred language. And her best friend is a German Turkish girl. In spite of this, she looks forward gladly to her first visit to her family's native country. They have promised her a big party with many presents. She does not foresee that her parents have planned this journey in order to confirm her supposed cultural identity by way of the thousand-year old, utterly revolting and totally irreversible, ritual.


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Uwe+Uwe - Released January 2010

A tale of how good things can come out of the most unexpected situations and angels in disguise....written and directed by Lena Liberta

51 Euro

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51 Euro / Released 2009

Sefu Okpara has been living in Frankfurt as an immigrant for eight years and he will soon be deported.
He is trying to avoid this at all cost...

Sefu Okpara hat acht Jahre lang als Immigrant in Frankfurt gelebt und soll nun deportiert werden.
Dies will er um jeden Preis verhindern...

How Life Happens

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How Life Happens / Released 2007

When Kosey’s father is taken by forces of the militia his world is turned upside down. From a secure loving life in Africa he is thrust into finding his way in a new, tough urban environment with no guidance from those around him. Unbeknown to Kosey his life mimics an ancient tale, once told to him by his father of a young cub that is lost in the jungle, and finds his way guided by his heart. He finds himself on a journey where he must stand up for his beliefs, and find himself on this voyage of self-discovery.

Air Square

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Air Square / Released 2002

AIR SQUARE is the ultimate pre-flight safety instructional. AIR SQUARE is straight, it's earnest and square. AIR SQUARE has the best looking flight attendants in the industry. But most importantly: AIR SQUARE is proud to be America!


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Respect - Released 1998

Mixed race love story set during a hot summer in London's Portobello district


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Newspaper articles from Purimspil

Cartoon Saints and Villains

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Cartoon Saints and Villains/ Released 2007

M is a no mess, no fuss, no trace, unassuming, secretive assassin who displays a cool and detached exterior. He has no emotional attachment towards his marks what so ever...But M has a condition and voices in his head that will not shut up.

Night Shift

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Night Shift/ Released 2009

Night Shift' A run-down office block in South London becomes the scene of a cat-and-mouse chase as international spies battle for ... a suitcase. Caught unexpectedly in the middle of this transatlantic thriller is Peter ( David Wurawa) a young security worker covering the night shift while mourning the loss of his 'on again off again' girlfriend. As a terrifying night unfolds, Peter faces the ultimate challenge, fighting to protect a beautiful stranger and to reclaim so much more than his building.


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Worldliner- released 2006

Written by Screenwriter/Producer Dan Papia and Directed by Zac Halberd (Award Winner of the Bangor Film Festival).Worldliner is a science fiction film about a man called Jerry Starzec(STEVE TOMAS) who meets Reginald (DAVID WURAWA), a man from the distant future, who sends him on missions stealing government documents from other worlds in parallel universes. Everything is going according to plan until Jerry makes the mistake of changing the future therefore rendering his mission a failure. With Reginald wanting to `clean up´ the mess, Jerry must go on the run and make things right before its too late.

USS Constellation

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USS Constellation: Battling for Freedom / Released 2006/7

USS Constellation: Battling for freedom explores America´s military efforts to stop slave smugglers through the dramatic naval battle between the Uss Constellation and the slave ship Cora in 1860

A Possible End

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A Possible End - An homage to 'Waiting for Godot' / Released 2007

One is dressed in a shirt and warm-up jacket (Stefano Bernardin), the other somewhat staidly (David Wurawa); the former is impulsive and emotional, the latter quiet and determined. They are obviously apparitions from a major 20th-century text: Arslan’s reinterpretation of Samuel Beckett’s two-man play Waiting for Godot.......


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Todespolka / scheduled for release this year 2009

Science Fiction in der Vergangenheit. Ein halbes Jahr nach der ‚freundlichen Übernahme’ durch die Bürgerpartei. Austritt aus der Eu. Macht durch Kontrolle. Law and Order beherrschen das neue, alte Land.

Science Fiction in the past. Half a year after the "friendly takeover" by the Bürgerpartei. Withdraw from EU. Power through control. Law and Order rule the old, new land/country.