Usgrächnet Gähwilers/Garten Afrika

  • Created: 10 January 2017
World Premiere at SOLOTHURN FILM FESTIVAL Sa: 21.01.2017 it has been nominated for the PRIX DU PUBLIC.
A house with a revival, a second car, traveling to exotic places - the life of the Gähwilers is the pure idyll.
Now Ralph wants to be a conservative local politician with the motto "competent, decided, clear" to the top.
That is why it is said: be careful, do not touch anywhere! Ralph's Frau Therese fills her days with modern art and walks with the Dachshund.
For the garden to look as it is, it engages the Sudanese Ngundu. But he falls from the ladder, can no longer go and does not want to go to the hospital under any circumstances.
This means for the Gähwilers: draw curtains and leave nothing to be noticed. Ngundu is not in the house, and Ralph's political ally and neighbor Peter and his curious wife, Monika, are not ... [Press Release]

Ein Haus mit Umschwung, ein Zweitwagen, Reisen an exotische Orte - das Leben der Gähwilers ist die pure Idylle.
Jetzt will Ralph als konservativer Lokalpolitiker mit dem Motto «kompetent, entschieden, klar» nach ganz oben.
Darum heisst es: aufgepasst, nirgends anecken! Ralphs Frau Therese füllt ihre Tage mit moderner Kunst und Spaziergängen mit dem Dackel.
Damit der Garten aussieht, wie es sich gehört, engagiert sie den Sudanesen Ngundu. Doch der stürzt von der Leiter, kann nicht mehr gehen und will unter keinen Umständen ins Krankenhaus.
Das bedeutet für die Gähwilers: Vorhänge zuziehen und sich nichts anmerken lassen. Denn keinesfalls darf irgendwer mitbekommen, dass sich Ngundu in ihrem Haus aufhält - schon gar nicht Ralphs politischer Verbündeter und Nachbar Peter und seine neugierige Frau Monika... [Pressetext]


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Somewhere, in a barely known part of the Universe a dramatic, yet not to significant

battle is taking place. A small spaceship is being slowly, yet surely defeated by a large,

worm-like starship. The battle takes place in a complete, horrifying silence of the void.

Suddenly, when the battle is almost to a sorry end, another vessel shows up out of

nowhere. It’s XGen Enterprise, the pride of the Startfleet.


  • Created: 02 December 2015

LA PASADA a stage play David is starring in Premiered on November 17, 2015 to great reviews. You can catch the play at the METRO KINOKULTURHAUS metro kinokulturhaus November 17-28, 2015

Salon 5: Salon 5

LA PASADA: La Pasada


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David Wurawa stars in WIENERLAND THE SERIES: THE JOURNEY BEGINS premiers on NOVEMBER 21; 2015 @ 19:30 @ VIENNA COMIC CON

WIENERLAND– the first Austrian original TV-series produced for the international market – is an epic fantasy-adventure with the brutality and irony of the famous spaghetti western movies. Immerse in the world of the struggle for survival of misfits and underdogs, inspired by international primetime shows such as “Game of Thrones” and “The Walking Dead”. With state-of-the-art visual effects, a lot of action, fascinating characters and the typical Viennese charm the team around producer Christof G. Dertschei and producer/director Jan Woletz has created an action-adventure series that will surely have its fans in Austria, but will also cause a stir internationally.


Jack Strong

  • Created: 08 October 2013

You can catch David Wurawa in 'Jack Strong' in 2014 written and directed by the Oscar Nominated director Wladyslaw Pasikowski.


  • Created: 20 November 2013

Scheenglücken/Snowdrop had a pre-festival screening in Vienna on October 25th.
With the help of smugglers, a small group of refugees tries to cross the border between the Ukraine and Slovakia. Among the refugees is a 33-year-old man called Yassir from Somalia and Seda an Armenian woman with her 12-year-old daughter Armine. She attempts to flee to Austria, where her husband, Armine’s father, is waiting for them. But the escape takes an unfortunate turn when Armine loses her talisman, a snowglobe...
SNOWDROP is a short film telling the story of a group of refugees trying to cross the EU border. It´s about hope and dreams but also about real life tragedy. And eventually it´s a film about the pursuit of happiness and it´s power.



  • Created: 08 October 2013

VOID is avaialble to download on:

Following a failed deportation, three police officers make a momentous decision: they abduct the African deportee, torture him and resolve to cover up their crime with murder. VOID is the protocol of a spiral of violence - based on a true story.

New Order

  • Created: 08 October 2013

NEW ORDER is on VOD: Itunes...

Part documentary and part thriller, Marco Rosson's New Order takes place twenty-one years in the future. This is also a science fiction piece that deals with a global pandemic. New Order envisions a world where the majority of the population has been wiped out because of a viral outbreak. Survivors scramble for a vaccine.
New Order has completed production. This film is also getting set to distribute on various formats: DVD, video-on-demand and in theatres. This film is also at the American Film Market where it will premiere for the first time. Sci-fi fans will want to track this film as it moves closer to a set release date.
More details, including an early still, are hosted below.

Release Date: 2012-13
Director/writer: Marco Rosson
Cast: Franco Nero, David Wurawa, and Margherita Remotti

The film's fan page is here: New Order on Facebook



Frankfurt Coincidences

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This is a movie about home, family and relationships. Snapshots of the individual characters and their conflicts meld so we can immerse ourselves in a world of multicultural collision. It won the Audience award at the Munich International Film Festival 2011


Distributer website:


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David will be featuring in 'HERE LIES'

"Here Lies" is an independent, high-octane dark comedy feature to be shot in Spain and the UK. It is "In Bruges" meets "Django Unchained". It'll be a highly commercial, transatlantic movie; concerning countries on both sides of the pond. Our plan is to distribute "Here Lies" throughout the festival circuit and push to get an international DVD release.


  • Created: 08 October 2013

You can catch David Wurawa in Braunschlag Coming to ORF1, 18.9 @ 8:15pm.

Endlich Braunschlag, 18.9. um 20.15 Uhr ORF1.



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You can hear David Wurawa on RADIO Ö1 Mo., 3. Sept. 16.00 Uhr "Passagen" Ö1 - Ausstrahlung von GPS
You can catch GPS on Radio Ö1: Monday 3. September 2012 @ 16.00hrs

GPS is an award winning Radio Play written by Ursula Scheidle, Directed by Esther Muschel.

GPS - Global Positioning System ein preisgekröntes Hörspiel von Ursula Scheidle als konzertante Live-Performance in einer Regie von Esther Muschel.

David Wurawa, ein äthiopischer Taxifahrer Ursula Scheidle, sein australischer Gast und ein verrückt spielendes GPS Helmut Jasbar, electric table guitars.

LA ITALIA Film Festival 2012

  • Created: 08 October 2013

David will be attending the LA ITALIA Film Festival 2012 for the World Premier screening of New Order a Feature film he starred in, It´s Screening @ the Chinese Theatre @ 8:00pm on Thursday, February 23.


  • Created: 08 October 2013

David will be attending the TÜRKEI / DEUTSCHLAND.
FRANKFURT COINCIDENCES läuft auf dem 17. Filmfestival Türkei / Deutschland in Nürnberg.

Catch David in GPS

  • Created: 08 October 2013

You can also catch David in GPS a stage play written by Ursula Scheidle and Directed by Esther Muschol on Monday, Mai 7 @ Studio 3 im ORF RadioKulturhaus, Argentinierstrasse 30a, A- 1040 Wien @ 19:30uhr.