New Order

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Part documentary and part thriller, Marco Rosson's New Order takes place twenty-one years in the future. This is also a science fiction piece that deals with a global pandemic. New Order envisions a world where the majority of the population has been wiped out because of a viral outbreak. Survivors scramble for a vaccine.
New Order has completed production. This film is also getting set to distribute on various formats: DVD, video-on-demand and in theatres. This film is also at the American Film Market where it will premiere for the first time. Sci-fi fans will want to track this film as it moves closer to a set release date.
More details, including an early still, are hosted below.

Release Date: 2012-13
Director/writer: Marco Rosson
Cast: Franco Nero, David Wurawa, and Margherita Remotti

The film's fan page is here: New Order on Facebook